FOCUS on Elkington Forest

Please migrate to the new Elkington Forest website. This LFC website is mostly focused on the social enterprise created through the partnership of the for-profit company, Living Forest Communities, and the registered Charity, Trust for Sustainable Forestry. The majority of the new news about our current project will be on the Elkington Forest website.

NEXT Projects

If you own land that might be a good candidate for the next Living Forest Community, please review the materials contained within this website, and give us a call to discuss the opportunities. 

Watch the Living Forest Communities Video!
Take a few minutes to take a tour of Elkington Forest with its beautiful views (3 mins). Discover the story behind Living Forest Communities and learn about its roots on Cortes Island from the Founder of the Trust for Sustainable Forestry, Ann Mortifee (8 mins).

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Wildwood Forest | Merv Wilkinson
Wildwood Forest | Merv Wilkinson All the principals, staff and Board Members associated with the Living Forest social enterprise mourn the passing of Merve Wilkinson, age 97, in August of 2011.  Hailed as the "Father of Eco-forestry" in BC, Merv Wilkinson began new form of sustainable forestry on Wildwood Forest over 70 years ago. Learn why sustainable forestry is so important in this video (5 mins).

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Everwoods now selling on Cortes Island!
150 acres of fully forested coastland near the southeastern tip of Cortes Island, with 1/4 mile pebble beach, high bluffs, and amazing views over magnificent Desolation Sound and the Coastal Mountains beyond.

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